Header processing


The msumastro.header_processing subpackage contains classes and functions that do the work of modifying headers. There are several scripts for Automated header processing and Manual header processing provided to carry out the most common types of headers processing.


msumastro.header_processing.fitskeyword Module


FITSKeyword([name, value, comment, synonyms]) Represents a FITS keyword, which may have several synonyms.

msumastro.header_processing.astrometry Module


call_astrometry(filename[, sextractor, ...]) Wrapper around astrometry.net solve-field.
add_astrometry(filename[, overwrite, ...]) Add WCS headers to FITS file using astrometry.net

msumastro.header_processing.feder Module


FederSite The Feder Observatory site.
ImageSoftware(name[, fits_name, ...]) Represents software that takes images at telescope.
Instrument(name[, fits_names, rows, ...]) Telescope instrument with simple properties.
ApogeeAltaU9() The Apogee Alta U9
MaximDL4() Represents MaximDL version 4, all sub-versions
MaximDL5() Represents MaximDL version 5, all sub-versions.

msumastro.header_processing.patchers Module


IRAF_image_type(image_type) Convert MaximDL default image type names to IRAF
add_image_unit(header[, history]) Add unit of image to header.
add_object_info([directory, object_list, ...]) Add object information to FITS files that contain pointing information given a list of objects.
add_object_pos_airmass(header[, history]) Add object information, such as RA/Dec and airmass.
add_overscan_header(header[, history]) Add overscan information to a FITS header.
add_ra_dec_from_object_name([directory, ...]) Add RA/Dec to FITS file that has object name but no pointing.
add_time_info(header[, history]) Add JD, MJD, LST to FITS header
change_imagetype_to_IRAF(header[, history]) Change IMAGETYP to default used by IRAF
get_software_name(header[, file_name, ...]) Determine the name of the software that created FITIS header
history(function[, mode, time]) Construct nicely formatted start/end markers in FITS history.
patch_headers([dir, new_file_ext, ...]) Add minimal information to Feder FITS headers.
purge_bad_keywords(header[, history, force, ...]) Remove keywords from FITS header that may be incorrect
read_object_list([directory, input_list, ...]) Read a list of objects from a text file.