This package provides two types of functionality; only the first is likely to be of general interest.

Classes for managing a collection of FITS files

The TableTree constructs, from the summary table of an ImageFileCollection, a tree organized by values in the FITS headers of the collection.

Header processing of images from the Feder Observatory

Semi-automatic image processing

Command line scripts for automated updating of FITS header keywords. The intent with these is that they will rarely need to be used manually once a data preparation pipeline is set up.

The simplest option here is to use run_standard_header_process which will chain together all of the steps in data preparation for you. When using run_standard_header_process consider using the --scripts-only option, which generates bash scripts to carry out the data preparation. This gives you a complete record of the commands run in addition to the log files that are always generated.

All of these scripts can also be run from your python code if desired.

Manual header or image manipulation

Command lines scripts that easily automate a small number of tasks that occur frequently enough that it is convenient to have them available at the command line instead of requiring that new code to be written each time they are used.

There are currently two examples of this:

All of these scripts can also be run from your python code if desired.